Mark Deal - How To Be The Best Podcast Guest (And Host) Ever!


Do you know what it really takes to be the best podcast guest?  How about a podcast host?  It’s time for both to ‘cross the finish line together’ with an expert.  Not only will you get some expert strategies, Mark Deal discusses tools that Podcast Editors can use - and even delves into the “Black Hole” that is Raspberry Pi! Mark Deal has made a livelihood helping attorneys and other service professionals showcase their talents and experience on both independent and branded podcasts.  He started his own podcasting journey in 2013 when he first appeared as a guest on a top-rated show. Since then he’s hosted/co-hosted multiple interview-based podcasts and continues to be a guest expert when called upon. Mark also runs the largest growing Podcast Meetup (Podcast Atlanta) and speaks publicly at professional organization events.  Mark learned early on the value of being a podcast guest and continues to demonstrate that value to others.

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